Russell Means: Welcome To The Reservation

Russell Means: Welcome To The Reservation


ECONOMICS: Nassim Taleb On QE2 & Newish Book

Logical views and possible solutions from the author of FOOLED BY RANDOMNESS and THE BLACK SWAN.

HEALTH VIEW: 801010 Open & Available To Anyone

Dr. D welcomes you to try 801010. Not just for super-athletes anymore. 🙂

Mets Seasonal Affective Disorder

See the great Mets blog  loge13 for those who miss Shea.

TRAVEL LINK: Packing A Carry-on For One Bag Travel

I’ve used this packing method which I first discovered on the YouTube channel but this vid shows another take on it. It’s an amazing method and allows me to use one carry-on bag even for long trips. 🙂

HEALTH LINK: Help Your Teeth With Baking Soda

This is a great video on keeping your teeth healthy with the use of baking soda. I’ve tried it and it has helped. NOTE: Never brush your teeth directly with dry baking soda. Always dilute the baking soda with water until it turns into a paste or use Arm & Hammer tooth paste. You can rinse every day with baking soda but consider only brushing with it once or twice a week as it can be harsh on the enamel. 🙂