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In Defense of Scrooge

Bah! Humbug! Go ahead, say it. It feels good –about as good as 45 minutes of power yoga I’d say. Though I’m no Dickensian scholar I’ve always enjoyed the story of A Christmas Carol –especially the 1970 musical version staring Albert Finney. I find the performances and the music mesmerizing. It’s one of the few musicals I own.  However, I always felt the Scrooge character-type was misunderstood. Dickens artfully uses an aging business man as the representation of greed and hatefulness.  But strip away Dickens’ biases(as mentioned in the article link below) for artistic effect and what do you have? An elderly and honest businessman who at every turn is mocked and interfered with simply for being himself.  Imagine a small, decrepit man, shuffling down Broadway, his face, body and mind the result of  a lifetime of loss and abuse who only wants to be left alone for that is the only place where he can be truly peaceful…until the ghosts appear.  You only have to revisit the scenes with the ghost of Christmas past to understand where I’m coming from. Interestingly I found an article online, on a Ludwig Von Mises site of all places, that takes the defense of Scrooge a step further. It looks at Scrooge through the filter of the Austrian School of economics and libertarian values.  In the article author Michael Levin poses some questions that are both funny and insightful. Who did Scrooge ever lie to? Who has Scrooge actually taken advantage of?  Does he have a right to be left alone?

In Defense of Scrooge by  Michael Levin


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2013 Nominees

It’s an interesting line-up of nominees. Will they actually give Rush the nod and provide prog rock fans around the world with a synchronized rockgasm? I can see the salesman at Guitar Center now –the one with the piano tie, kneeling and openly weeping with joy. Will Randy Newman and Heart dare to jam with Kraftwerk –I don’t think Florian or Ralf will tolerate such nonsense!

With Joan Jett and The Blackhearts also possibly playing I’d have to watch it this year.

Then you have The Monkees getting dissed (as Flavor Flav would say) again. Which is fine as Mickey would rather have an Emmy I’m sure. Their music, whoever was writing it or playing it or profiting from it, was tremendous fun esp. for kids (me as a kid). They re-ran those shows when I was about three or four or five or six and I still want to live in a beach house and play tunes.

The Rock HOF certainly has the cryptic coldness of some independent, all-powerful group like the Federal Reserve or the Justin Bieber fan club. We just have to accept their decisions and move forward.

The Pseudo Fed Blog

I’m a huge Roger Federer fan. Tennis is very lucky at the moment in that the top three male players are such great guys. This blog pokes some gentle fun at the greatest player in history. If you’re a Fed fan you’ll appreciate it.

NEWS: Ever Wonder Why Mainstream Journalism Is So Stale?

This NY Times web article describes how mainstream journalists are pre-edited by political campaigns that require “quote approval”.