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RateMDs and Doctor Shopping

Doctor shopping isn’t just for addicted celebrities anymore. Now you too can find just the right doc for your needs but be prepared to possibly pay out-of-network prices. Perhaps you have these questions: How do you find a Doctor to meet your specific goals? Maybe you have a special problem? Perhaps a problem even caused by poor previous medical treatment. Or maybe you’re just sick of spending hours in the wait room at your doctor’s “group office” due to overbooking for the same appointment time. I found to be an excellent resource that I’ve used to find quality care. On you can search by specialty and drill down to location. You can then copy and paste that list of doctors into a spreadsheet program (like Excel). The sorting is key and easier than you might think. First delete all doctors that have less than four reviews. Two reviews could be the Mom and secretary vote. Then sort by review rating. Take the three most highly rated doctors and book an appointment with each. In my case the process of booking an appointment allowed me narrow it down to two doctors. Both were excellent and one turned out to be the perfect professional I was looking for.


HEALTH VIEW: 801010 Open & Available To Anyone

Dr. D welcomes you to try 801010. Not just for super-athletes anymore. 🙂

HEALTH LINK: Help Your Teeth With Baking Soda

This is a great video on keeping your teeth healthy with the use of baking soda. I’ve tried it and it has helped. NOTE: Never brush your teeth directly with dry baking soda. Always dilute the baking soda with water until it turns into a paste or use Arm & Hammer tooth paste. You can rinse every day with baking soda but consider only brushing with it once or twice a week as it can be harsh on the enamel. 🙂